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Jennifer M. Murphy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging

Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology

University of California Los Angeles



Office: California NanoSystems Building 4321

Phone: (310) 825-7548

Lab: California NanoSystems Building 4310

Jennifer received her bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University in 2005.  She obtained her Ph.D. in 2011 from UCLA where she worked under the direction of Michael E. Jung on natural product total synthesis.  Building on her desire to be part of a multidisciplinary research team, she transitioned to the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA where she was a Scholar in Oncologic Molecular Imaging (SOMI) postdoctoral fellow in the Ahmanson Translational Imaging Division.  In 2012, Jennifer joined Professor Tobias Ritter’s research laboratory at Harvard University as a visiting scholar; this work in the Ritter group initiated her interest and focus in fluorine chemistry.  In 2013, Jennifer joined the UCLA faculty as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology at the Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging.  Her lab resides in the California NanoSystems Institute building and she is also a member of the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCLA.

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